South Beach Smoke: The First Choice of Celebs

South  Beach Smoke has it all: great products, plenty of options, and the looks that make you stand out in a good way. This is why they are the top choice among celebs and Hollywood e-smokers. They have a style all their own, and always look great when used. The list of famous fans of electronic cigarettes includes Harrison Ford, JWOW, Paris Hilton, Natasha Lyonne, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Katherine Heigl, Carrie Fisher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlie Sheen, Alexa Chung, Michelle Rodriguez, Robbie Williams, Kyle Richards, Kate Moss, Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, and Isla Fisher. Would this many stars really be flaunting their tobacco alternatives if they weren’t awesome?

We believe in style, as well as a high performing product. Some of the features that contribute to the appeal are the sleek aluminum exterior, the beautiful crystal end that lights up orange, and cartridges that look like traditional cigarette filters. We don’t go overboard with colorful gimmicks, maintaining a timeless, classy look to them.

South Beach Smoke has earned a reputation for being the first choice among celebrities because of their great performance, style, options, flavors, reputation and also for how many other stars prefer them. As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity with all smokers, it is no different with celebs.

Even though famous folk and stars in the spotlight may be huge fans of the vapor movement, e-cigarettes are not limited to just celebs. If you’re a smoker, see what the hype is all about, why stars have gone all the way with this trend and are so proud to show them off. Try an electronic cigarette starter kit, or some of our awesome disposables today!