Spring Break Vaping & Jet-Setting

We all know that when it comes to traveling, electronic cigarettes are the better choice, the more versatile option, and all around the best way to travel and get your nicotine fix. And, considering that we are in prime time for Spring Break, and millions of college students are hitting the air to escape the norm of the dorm, we’d like to take this moment to let you know everything necessary for traveling. Hey, we’re all about enjoying our e-cigs in vacay-mode, and we’d hate to see it not work out for you!

No E-Cigs in Checked Luggage

Recently, the FAA ruled that e-cigarettes will no longer be allowed in checked luggage, so keep that in mind from the start. According to a bulletin to the FAA from the International Civil Aviation Organization, there have been several instances recently where e-cigarettes in checked luggage overheated and caused fires, and this is quite obviously a serious concern. Keeping them in your carry on, however is fine, because should there be an issue, it can be handled promptly.

Transparency is a Good Thing

And we aren’t talking about see-through luggage. When going through airport security, be upfront with the agents about your e-cigs, and anything else you are carrying with you related to vaping. It’s not necessary, but it is worthwhile to avoid any unnecessary drama.

Pack Extra

Freak winter storms, delays, missed flights, iced-over airplane wings, an inability to part with paradise so you book an extra couple days in Cabo; we’ve all been there. So, why leave your need for nicotine and vapor to chance? Extra e-cig batteries, cartridges, and chargers are a necessity, like clean undies, swimwear, and your ID.

Pack Safely

Use a South Beach Smoke storage case to house your gear safely, securely, and totally organized. If you’re going to be on the go, pack a lanyard for super quick, easy vaping.

So, if you’re jetting off to someplace fun, be it for Spring Break or some other exciting cause, have a blast! Vape in the sun, enjoy yourself to the max, and pack your vape gear right for maximum enjoyment!