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e-cigarette saleStarter kits: they’re kinda like the point of entry into the world of the vape, especially if we’re talking about our basic (non-vaporizer) line of e-cigs. Surely, you know someone who is a smoker who’s thinking about making the plunge into the world of vapor, don’t ya? If you’ve made the switch, you probably get asked all the time about why you made this decision, and how it’s working out for you. And if you’re in the contemplation phase, where you’re considering switching to vapor, but have been prolonging the plunge, there’s no better time than right now to go forth with it!

Currently, all South Beach Smoke starter kits are on sale, and these price drops are steep; seriously up to 75% off! So, if you’re looking to switch, or have made the switch and want to stock up on the goods, or you’d like to change someone’s life for the better by introducing them to the freedom and pleasures of vapor, this is the perfect time to score a starter kit on sale!

These kits are awesome. Having been fan faves since the beginning of (e-cig) time, they offer the total smoke-free smoking experience, in a convenient, easy to use, super stylish package. And for these prices, ranging from $19.99 for the Deluxe Starter Kit, which is a seriously packed basic kit, to $53.75 for our all-out, fully-loaded, no-holds-barred accessory-packed Deluxe Ultimate starter kit, this is pretty much as good as it gets. I mean, come on! Even the exceptionally functional, mutually-pleasurable Deluxe Couple’s Kit Combo is going for $43.99, which is a great deal that takes care of two of you, so there’ll be no squabbling over having to share the fun!

With the popularity of clouds and vapor on the rise, and the smell of tobacco getting staler than 3-day old smoke, switching to vapor could not be any more popular! Grab a super rad South Beach Smoke starter kit, whether for yourself or someone equally deserving, and save some $ big time!

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