Success Story: Ben Mathis

Last week, Ben sent us his “success story,” and we are so happy to share it with all of you! We love getting fan mail, as well as stories on how our products have helped benefit the lives of the people who use them. Just further proof that electronic cigarettes are the modern way to smoke and enjoy nicotine. So, please enjoy Ben’s story!

Hello, I’m Ben, and I am really happy with the way South Beach Smoke’s e-cigarettes have been a part of my life for the past 4 months. Before I actually started vaping, I had smoked cigarettes for way too long. I really wanted to quit, and was so frustrated with how difficult it is to do. E-cigs have become so popular in the past couple years, and since that popularity only seems to grow, that these things had to be worth trying. For the price, compared to traditional cigarettes, they are also way cheaper, so I really had no qualms about diving in an getting a starter kit.

The one I decided to go with is the Deluxe Plus starter kit. I liked that it was a median package, a nice way to get introduced to the products and how everything works. Setting up was really simple, and I was vaping the day it arrived. I was instantly impressed with the smoothness of the draw on the e-cig battery, and I was really happy with how the vapor felt in my throat. It is really a lot like smoke, only without the burning sensation. The flavor, which I chose menthol, is great and a lot like smoking a regular menthol smoke. Chargers work nicely, and they are really convenient.

I never realized it, but cigarettes made me feel sick. It went on for so long that I never even noticed it, and just really came to terms with it. Like coughing all the time, feeling heaviness in my lungs, having stained teeth, it was all normal to me. Most smokers will agree that this is just commonplace. That’s just how bad cigarette smoke is, and why every smoker should give e-cigs a try. After I was using mine regularly, and not having any regular smokes, the changes were really noticeable. So many little things I once took for granted and lost to tobacco were coming back to me! To be able to really taste food again was amazing. The cough is gone, and my lungs and breathing felt better in just a few weeks. My girlfriend is also pretty happy that I no longer smell like stale smoke, and nor does my car!