Success Story: Kathleen

This week’s Success Story is from Kathleen, a senior in her last year in college at the University of Florida. Here is how our e-cigarettes have done her well in her journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

Hey there, I’m Kathleen, and I’m a big fan of South Beach Smoke’s e-cigs. I was smoking since I was 18, a bad habit I picked up during my first year here at UF. I was partying way too hard, and cramming the work in all the time, so I was always stressed. Cigarettes were a good way to calm me down, give a little rush, and help pass time when I was bored. I knew I wanted to quit, but I wasn’t entirely motivated to do so until 2 years ago when my campus got on board with the “smoke-free campus” thing. I quickly got busy looking at my options. I didn’t fee ready to quit entirely; as any smoker will tell you, it’s not the easiest thing to do! Around here, e-cigarettes have been pretty popular since smoking was banned, and among the many people I know who use them, the preferred brand is South Beach Smoke. One friend of mine, Manda, was pretty insistent that I try her’s because she was really happy with them and they could probably work well for me too. Also, I have to mention what really sold me was that she said they were much cheaper than using cigarettes, and if you know anything about college students, it is that we are all broke!

For those reasons especially, I was more than willing to try them and to give them a chance. I had to make a decision fast because it was said that anyone smoking on school premises would be have to deal with consequences, and I totally wanted to avoid that! So I tried them, Manda set it up for me and explained how it works. I liked that they’re made to be similar to regular cigarettes, and are really easy to use. I loved it from the start! The flavor was intense and I felt it right away. I could not believe it was vapor I was breathing in and not smoke, it was so similar. After I tried them I knew then I’d found the right answer. When I told Manda how much I loved them, she surprised me with an e-cig starter kit; she had an extra one and was happy to give it to me! Also amazing is that I have the ability to lessen my nicotine at my convenience, and I was able to lower my nicotine down to 0mg carts. So, two years in to being smoke free, and I have to say that the ban on tobacco here at school was definitely a blessing!