Summer, Beach, Vape!

Be it festivals, BBQ’s and/or hurricane parties, summer is here. And chances are, wherever you are, you will be inseparable from your vape gear. Of course, with continuous use, keeping your vape pens highly and dry is the ideal course of action, because as we all know, the only way to really cool off when the temperatures start soaring is to submerge yourself into a body of cool water asap!

So, where is your vape pen going with you this summer? Got any travel plans? Any exciting concerts you’ll be hitting? How about long days spent lounging on the beach? All of these summery activities are best enjoyed with an all-day-vape and your trusty vaporizer, so here are our top picks for best summer-inspired e-juice blends!

Pina Cooler: Exactly like the name says; this is a cool, refreshing pina colada blend that will chill you out perfectly! Nothing like a tropical cocktail when the heat gets heavy!

Candy Appletini: A nice sour splash to wake your taste buds up! This flavor is a heavy dose of sour apple goodness that is both sweet and tangy; nothing says summer better!

Mint Julep: Whether you’re kicking back and watching horse races, or are more into chilling out and watching the waves roll in; a mint julep will relax your soul in the best way possible!

Cuba Libre: The iconic rum ‘ coke, with a splash of lime. Get liberated and enjoy the moment with this fine, cocktail-inspired vape!

Key Lime Cheesecake: Key lime pie crossed with cheescake results in this magnificent, tropical infused dessert! Tangy and creamy, and the total taste of the Florida Keys; what more could you want when watching the sunset on a summer’s night?

Watermelon Chill: Chill out right with this fresh and fruity taste that capitalizes on the icy taste of menthol by sweetening it up with crisp, cool watermelon. You’ll be cooled off in no time!