Summer TO-DO List

Summer To Do List with South Beach SmokeSummer is almost here; the countdown is on, and we are 6 days out from the year’s most enthralling season! So, whatever shall we make of these impending long days, short nights, and summer vibes that lend themselves to carefree jaunts and endless fun? Here is our Summer To-Do list, because we are big believers in packing as much excitement into every moment as possible!


Near or far, summer calls for va-cays! Whether to locations tropical or chilly, white sand beaches, or mountains covered in forests, bring along those vape pens, and load up on delicious liquids

Vape Fests: Summer music festivals are rad occasions so wear that e-cig or vaporizer around your neck, and party your tail off. And, since one of the biggest draws to the festival scene is rocking some killer fashion, we can’t think of a better, more practical accessory than our e-cigarette lanyards.

Embrace the Little Things: Like vape-relaxation. Singing along to some great tunes at the top of your lungs, watching the sunset, partying with your favorite people, grilling outdoor dinners, and doing it all with a smile on your face, as you realize how good you actually have it. A calm moment plus your e-cigarette in hand can be the equivalent of perfect. Relaxing is a state of mind, and what could beat winding down while vaping?

Summer Flavor-a-thon: And, if you are unable to actually get away, we suggest trying some new flavors, perhaps some intense blends, for an escape momentarily via the awesome deliciousness! Perhaps make it a mission to try a new flavor every week, in an effort to escape the doldrums of boring flavor-dom?

Put Down the Phone: And live life a little more with less screen in your face! I know we’re all guilty of this one, so here’s a reminder to everyone, (self included) that you can’t be fully in the moment if you’re staring at a box. Let’s all do our best to seize the day, everyday this summer, even if it includes not much more than pints of gelato and vaping on the couch!