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Summer Vaping Tips

Sweet summertime – the season of sun, hanging poolside, backyard barbecues, and vacations aplenty. With the arrival of warm weather and sun-filled days, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get outside and enjoy an al fresco vape session. Whether you’re strolling down a sandy tropical beach or just chilling out on your back patio, there’s nothing quite like vaping in the great outdoors.

But while you might look forward to summer as the time to kick back and relax, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t neglect no matter what your summer plans: your vape set-up. For your vape device and e liquids, summer is a season of extremes, including hot temperatures and long hours of sun. If you’re planning to travel with your favorite vape – which we definitely recommend – you might even be putting your device and liquids at risk of damage or destruction without even realizing it.

Luckily, South Beach Smoke is rounding up all the must-know summer vape tips to help you make this summer your best one yet:

Keep Your Vape Supplies Out of the Heat and Sun

You might love soaking up the warm summer sun, but your vape device and e juice definitely don’t. If you leave your vape supplies out in the sun or in your hot car, you’re likely to notice a disappointing dive in the quality of your vape experience. Vape juice breaks down quickly as a result of warmth and light, drastically affecting the flavor, texture, and even nicotine concentration. Also, the heat and light from the summer sun can damage your vape device’s batteries, cutting the battery life down dramatically.

The easiest way to avoid heat-related issues is to keep your vape supplies in a cool, dark place. If you’re planning to vape on the go, keep your stuff in your pocket or purse instead of leaving it in the car.

Use a Storage Case for Safe Travel

When you’re in a car or on a plane, odds are you’re buckled up safely – at least, you should be. The same goes for your vape supplies; they should be contained in a protective travel case that prevents any accidental breakage or spills. Look for high-quality cases to keep your vape supplies in pristine shape, or put yours on a lanyard to keep it on hand for easy access.

Make Convenience a Priority

Summer is the time of year for adventure, and you don’t want to be weighed down by a fussy vape device. Consider investing in an ultra-portable device that’s lightweight and easy to use anywhere. If you’re considering a pod-style vape, the best vape pod system is one that you can navigate with zero hassle.

Choose a Few Summer-Themed E-Liquid Flavors

Finally, give yourself something to look forward to with a few new summer-themed vape juice flavors. Think fruity, sweet, and minty fresh, all of which are ideal for cooling down after a day of fun in the sun.

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