Summertime and the Vaping’s Easy!

Summertime is approaching and most people are going to be heading outdoors. Did you know that electronic cigarettes work with the active lifestyle way better than traditional cigarettes? You can take them virtually anywhere, and smoke them knowing you aren’t doing yourself a disservice with the 4000+ chemicals laced into them. No matter what you’re going to be doing this summer, your e-cigs can be right there with you!

Hanging Out in Nature: Parks, bike trails, beaches, watering holes, hiking in the woods; all of these things are just better when you’re vaping. Cigarettes are one of the biggest pollutants on the planet, and it’s really easy to forget this because it’s so easy to just toss butts when they are finished. Many smokers make the mistake of doing this because they don’t realize the danger in those filters. They seem easily biodegradable, but they are in reality, the total opposite. If you’re going to be spending time in the great outdoors, vapor cigs are simply a better choice. They are reusable, easy to hold and store, and never needing a flame to light them (another issue in using cigarettes in nature is the fire hazard; it’s a big no-no).

Night Life: Have you noticed in recent years the number of people who are vaping in public, in bars, restaurants, and clubs? I have, and they seem to be everywhere! During the warmer months, it’s nice to enjoy a night out, and smoke isn’t really people-friendly. Outdoor concerts and music festivals get wildly popular during the summer, and smoke can do plenty to make things lame. Every time I spot someone using an e-cigarette when I’m out and about, I get excited. It’s one less person smoking a cigarette! In crowded public spaces, cigarettes can be a massive inconvenience, if they are even allowed. E-cigarettes on the other hand, don’t. Emitting just clean vapor, you won’t have a problem using them around others!