Ten Reasons Your Dad Will Love a Starter Kit for Father’s Day

Most dads aren’t fussy. They appreciate quality, simplicity, and getting things done efficiently. If your dad is a smoker, this year give in to his love of convenience and nicotine, without going the tobacco route. Here are 10 reasons why an e-cigarette starter kit makes an awesome Father’s Day gift!

  1. Price. Electronic cigarette starter kits are one sale right in time for the holiday; Dad will be even happier knowing you got a great deal on his gift!
  2. Usefulness. They are alternatives to something he’s already using, but will allow him to beat the smoking ban in a lot of places, and add some extra convenience to his routine.
  3. He’s been secretly considering switching to vaping.
  4. He’s been outspoken about wanting to start vaping 😉
  5.  You’ll be contributing to a lack of tobacco in his life.
  6. There are more male smokers than female, so you’ll be helping him avoid being a statistic.
  7. You will be showing him how much he means to you, by making it known you want him to explore the other options that lie ahead.
  8. It allows him the same end result: nicotine pleasure, just in a more modern, more versatile package. Tell him to get with the times, in a nice way, of course!
  9. He’ll have the options of ten flavors to experiment with, different battery sizes and switch modes, a bunch of different accessories, and the freedom that enables him to take his vaping wherever he likes!
  10. 10. E-cigarettes can really improve anyone’s day-to-day quality of life by simplifying things. Eliminating the negatives: smoke, tobacco, tar, ash, and filthy butts; accentuating the positives: nicotine pleasure, delicious flavrs, the feeling of vapor in your throat, and the total essence of smoking by oinhaling and exhaling; and not failing you anywhere in between!

We love our dads, and all the father figures in our lives, so giving them gifts that benefit are where it’s at! This Father’s Day, give the gift with a greater meaning!