The Air has Launched! Here’s the Lowdown!

We’ve been telling you for a little while about the impending launch of our innovative new vaporizer, the South Beach Smoke Air, and ladies and gentlemen, it has finally arrived! If you’re ready for the next generation of e-cigarettes, the Air is here to advance your vaping!

The Air: The Air is as hot to look at as it is to use; as you may know, we’re into good design like that. It will blow your mind with its performance and power; you’ve never experienced throat hits like these! Having such a powerful battery, you will love how long it lasts, and how smooth the vapor is.

E-Liquids: Cartridges are great, but liquids offer even more options. With vaporizers, typically e-liquids are used to fill the devices yourself. More and more e-cigarette smokers are getting into this, and having the option to DIY gives you more control. E-liquids are also available in a multitude of flavors, and we give you the ability to custom blend them; so you’re choices in flavor are practically limitless. Well, actually, you’re limited to about 30,000 flavor combinations, but good luck trying every one of them!

How to Get it: The Air is being sold in a rather sweet starter kit, and is available for an insanely affordable price of $29.99; awesome technology that won’t set you back much, with all the gear you need to charge and vape contentedly!

Our top notch e-liquids are available in quantities of 30ml bottles, for $14.99, in whatever flavor blend configuration, or nicotine strength you want. Just so you know, 30ml is a hefty amount of liquid, and is approximately the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

So, are you ready to try the Air? We are stoked to now have it available for your e-smoking pleasure, and we are really looking forward to delighting our customers with this exciting new technology!