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Best Vaping Accessories, Devices, and Starter Kits

South Beach Smoke Best Vaping Accessories
South Beach Smoke Best Vaping Accessories

Smoking e-cigarettes can be a world of convenience for tobacco smokers. For those who have recently switched over to the electronic side, they are usually thrilled! They can smoke in all public places, amongst others who do not smoke, and even indoors without causing fires and leaving behind residual smoke. Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to experience the pleasure of smoking, minus the smoke. Here is a rundown of the best products depending on your lifestyle, because accessories and e-cigarette starter kits can add so much to your experience!

For College Students: Running from class to class, handling a full load of assignments and doing extra curricular activities can make college really hectic. And for students who also work, part time or full time, it can be extremely stressful. The Deluxe Plus Starter Kit is the best intro kit for those who are super busy, yet still want to keep things affordable. It comes with two batteries in the Deluxe model, which is a two-piece style. The kit also comes with three different chargers, (wall, USB, and car adapter) 5 large cartridges of nicotine and a Universal Carrying Case for convenient storage, that can fit nearly anywhere when you’re are on the go.

Professionals: When your career is your first priority, and your days totally revolve around your work schedule, you need your electronic cigarettes to fit seamlessly into your life! The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit is the most thorough, and most dynamic e-cig starter kit available. It comes with every accessory you will need or want, and can handle your busy weeks perfectly. Two different batteries, all three chargers, a carrying case, as well as the brilliant Personal Charging Case, which holds and charger your batteries at once, are all included. Rounding it out even further, the kit comes with 15 large nicotine cartridges.

Retirees: For those who have the pleasure of leisurely days, and the enjoyment of not having a strict, demanding schedule, the Premium Plus Starter Kit is a great way to delve into e-smoking. This kit is built upon the 3-piece design of the Premium e-cigarette model, and comes with a great assortment of accessories. It keeps things fun and simple, without sacrificing convenience.