Today, November 15, 2012 happens to be the Great American Smokeout. If you aren’t familiar with this event, and if you are a cigarette smoke, you should! It occurs on the third Thursday during the month of November, and this year it’s the 37th annual. It is held every year to serve as a motivational point for smokers in America, or abroad, to officially quit smoking. Many use the date to actually quit, while others make plans ahead of time to  have done so by the date, and there are those who use the date itself to map out their plans. Electronic cigarettes can play a major role here, and if you are using this day as a starting point, definitely consider an e-cig starter kit!

It’s pretty crazy that the most significant cause of preventable death in America is due to tobacco, and with more than 43 million smokers, it is just mind-blowing that so many continue to do so. Those numbers come out to around 1 in every 5 adults, or approximately 20 percent! Tobacco kills, and diseases like cancer and heart disease are never cool. By quitting smoking, you dramatically increase your personal health, and drastically reduce your risk of cancer. The sooner you quit the better!

One of the main focal points of this event by the American Cancer Society is to alert smokers to all the many options they have available to assist them in quitting. This is one organization that truly knows how difficult it is to really quit, and they offer many beneficial resources.

Using electronic cigarettes to help when quitting smoking can provide enormous relief. They are absolutely not cessation devices, and as a tobacco free alternative, smokers are afforded the same pleasures they had with smoking, while exposing themselves to none of the carcinogens or toxins from the smoke. One of the most pivotal points of quitting smoking, according to the American Cancer Society, is having the right support to get through the toughest parts. Having the ability to talk about the experience, and communicate with others who are in the same position, or who have been there themselves can really be priceless. Are you aware of the great community on South Beach Smoke’s Facebook page? It goes way beyond a company product page, and is a source for people to chat about e-cigarettes, share information, read a little humor, and participate in the latest contest or giveaway. Feel free to join in on the conversations anytime you like; you’re definitely not alone!

So, The Great American Smokeout can be seen as a day to set goals for and can be seen as a very positive challenge, are you willing to rise to it this year?