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South Beach Smoke Celebs Vaping Gossip Celebs really love their e-smokes. Since his big night out a few months ago, hearthrob Robert Pattinson has not been seen without an electronic cigarette. He and ex-girlfriend, now current girlfriend, Kristen Stewart have been pretty famous for their tobacco puffing, but since their split he has been quite the fan of vapor. The latest news on this front has been that fellow e-cigarette smoker, Leonardo DiCaprio has taken Pattinson under his wing, and has been something of a mentor to the Twilight star. It has been reported that it was DiCaprio himself who introduced Pattinson to e-cigs, and they have really changed smoking for him. Pattinson’s camp, on the other hand, have denied these rumors entirely as untrue. In other news concerning Pattinson and e-cigarettes, has also shared his with Bel Ami costar, Uma Thurman, who was glad to try it! We are always excited to hear about the latest celebs to quit the smoke and opt for vapor cigs, so we wish the best for all of these Hollywood megastars, and are just happy that they’re staying clear of tobacco!

Among all of the electronic cigarettes available, South Beach Smoke has really connected with the Hollywood set since our electronic cigarette starter kits were included as part of the gift bags during the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. A huge number of stars are proud users, and we are beyond please to offer them our exceptional quality. Celebrities are always up on current trends, and they always take an even greater notice when they involve health and wellness. For a star like Robert Pattinson who has millions of young fans, he is setting a great example choosing not to smoke cigarettes.