The Magic of E Liquids

Using a liquids, as opposed to prefilled cartridges, has an enormous amount of benefits. And if you plan on using one of our brand-new advanced vaporizers, you’re going to have use e-liquids. There are plenty of reasons most vapers are going with e-liquids now, and if you need a good reason to try a tank yourself with our custom blended in liquids, here’e some motivation to try them. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed, and we’re sure you’ll be back for more in time!

Our e-liquids can be custom blended, and what that means is you can have up to three individual flavors blended into a single new flavor. They come in single and double shots, so you can adjust the intensity of each flavor as well. Mathematically speaking, when you take our more than 60 different flavors and blend them into all the different possibilities, you get approximately 30,000 different flavors at your disposal. If you’re concerned about getting sick of a single favorite flavor, don’t worry; the endless blends will keep you excited and experimenting for much time to come.

Another benefit to using nicotine e-liquids is that you fill them yourself into your tanks. This added level of control is something many vapers really enjoy and appreciate because not only does it give you a proper understanding of how much liquid actually you use, it’s also great to see for yourself the quantity of liquid being used. With refill cartridges, you never really know where it stands from start to finish, you have to take what you get. Liquids require more involvement, and that isn’t a bad thing.

Some people are intimidated about using e-juice because they feel that having to fill their tanks themselves creates added work and can be a hassle because you have to be very careful, and do it accurately. However, like any skill, with some practice you’ll be able to get it right easily every time.

If you’re concerned about using a liquids, knowing that there is a huge range of different quality levels available throughout the market, keep in mind that the our liquids are “powered by VaporFi,” are created using the highest standards in the industry and this equates to the highest performance. For example, all of our bottles are childproof, to ensure little ones aren’t going to get a hold of you liquids. Our e-liquids are “inhalation-grade,” designed to be inhaled, making them beyond even food grade quality. All of our liquid can be traced back to production because they’re all labeled with lot numbers. Our e-liquids are made with USP-grade Kosher ingredients and the very best Malaysian palm-sourced glycerin, which is ideal for avoiding issues with peanut allergies, and also excellent performance. Our lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer, and all of our formulas are registered with the FDA, giving them full disclosure.

While pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges come with many pros and cons, and should never be discredited because they are awesome, you should really give our liquids a try! They are very cost effective, offer you thousands more options when it comes to flavors, and they give you a little more control over the process, so grab a new Curve, Storm, or Thunder, a few bottles of liquid and get vaping!