Odorless Smoking Alternative – E Cigs

South Beach Smoke Odorless Smoking Alternative - E CigsCigarette smoke has a tendency to permeate surfaces; clothing, furnishings, rugs, curtains – you name it. It is invasive, annoying, and truly disgusting. It has a horrid odor, and it seems that no matter how much laundering, and cleaning of these surfaces you do, it is never adequate to remove it! If you smoke and have long hair, you know how the scent can cling, and the only effective way to get it off of you is by showering! Unless you are looking for options. Electronic cigarettes are the perfect, odorless, scentless, smokeless smoking alternative available on the market.

Cigarette smoke odor is pretty offensive to people who do not smoke. Whether or not they have medical issues such as asthma or bronchitis, there are many people who cannot stand being around smoke. On a side note, if cigarette smoke is that harmful, and that invasive to external surroundings, it can only be imagined the kind of distress it does to the insides of the body! Do you really want to be infusing your cells, organs, tissues, and systems with that kind of poison? Regular cigarettes are proven to cause things like heart disease, lung disease, heart attacks, strokes, and a slew of fatal cancers. Considering that most people take up smoking for it’s pleasurable effects, and the nice feeling it gives, paying with a deadly disease seems does not make it worth it at all!

If smoke has you cringing, and you’re seeking something better, you have choices! With electric cigarettes, you can enjoy all the gratification and indulgences of nicotine without the smoke. When you inhale on an e-cig, while it may look just like the ordinary kind, what you’re seeing is water vapor. What looks like a fiery ember is actually an LED light on a reusable cigarette, powered by a battery and liquid nicotine, which can even be tobacco flavored. This is the beauty of e-cig cartridges. The experience simulates old-fashioned cigarettes perfectly. Most importantly, there is no odor, no fumes, no toxins and carcinogens released into the air. You can even smoke indoors without any consequences with e-cigs. Your furniture, walls, and rugs will never be affected, and the same goes for anyone sharing your space. Even smoking in your car will not be a problem when you smoke e-cigarettes for this very reason. Entirely odorless, and entirely non-invasive, they are the ideal smoking alternative.