We know all about all the issues that come along with cigarettes, from the inconveniences to the major health concerns. The great thing about electronic cigarettes is that the benefits are enormous, and there are so many great things they offer. Many people who convert over to e-smokes are just amazed by the many great side effects, which have both tiny and huge impacts.  Here is just a small list of all the wonderful things that are known to happen upon switching to South Beach Smokes:

-Huge savings over the high price of regular cigarettes. Saving money and saving your health are two very awesome things.

-No more stained teeth. A brighter smile benefits everyone!

-Would you believe that e-cigs can contribute to a less stressful experience? The allow for better breathing capacity. The more lung capacity you have, the more oxygen you can take in with each breath. More oxygen means your body will automatically be more calm. Who doesn’t need to chill out a little more?

-They do the planet many favors by being eco friendly, and the allow all users to have a more clear conscious! Reusable vapor cigarettes contribute far less waste, and do not encourage pollution like ordinary cigarettes. The also do not pollute the atmosphere, or ordinary breathing spaces with chemicals, and they contain no tobacco whatsoever.

-Free from the threat of smoke, it’s nice to be able to enjoy nicotine without always having a lurking thought in the back of your mind, that these are inherently dangerous. E-cigs are the safer cigs.

-The kind of freedom you had when you weren’t a smoker, you know, when you were free to do as you pleased without bothering anyone with smoke. Vaping indoors, or anywhere in public, are possible without the slightest bit of annoyance. E-cigarettes do not contribute in any way to indoor air pollution because the only thing they emit are nice big clouds of water vapor! No tar on your walls (or lungs), no ash trays needed, no air fragrances, and you definitely won’t be setting off any smoke alarms!