The Scary-Looking Side of Smoke

Do you smoke cigarettes? If so, you’re most likely in the know about all the ways smoking tobacco can affect the way that you look; from your hair, to your skin, to your eyes, to your teeth, the effects of tobacco are never pretty. Tobacco tar can (most unfortunately) add years to your appearance, increase your wrinkles, stain your teeth, and overall do a number of unattractive things, like rob you of your youthful glow, and wreak havoc on your confidence. If you’re looking to limit your chances of tobacco marring your looks (but don’t wanna lose the nicotine), keep reading for more information on why opting for vapor cigarettes is the better way to go when it comes to your attractiveness.

The Skin: Tobacco can stain your skin and leave a very dulling effect on your skins luster. Cigarettes have been known to cause wrinkles, which no one finds attractive. And because of the damage it does on the inside, it’s hard to get a healthy, glowing, radiant complexion when you have that many toxins circulating within your bloodstream.

The Eyes: Tobacco smoke can really dirty up the windows to your soul by turning the whites a lame shade of yellow. Eyes are typically the first thing people are going to notice about you, and when it comes to making great first impressions, you want your peepers to sparkle and shine; and not look dirty.

Your Smile: Tobacco smoke can stain your teeth, create some serious halitosis, cause gingivitis, cause your teeth to fall out, and worst of all, cause a number of deadly oral cancers. None of these things are pretty.

Your Hair: The sheen of your mane can be very affected by cigarette smoke, so why risk more bad hair days on account of tobacco if you can avoid it?

Pretty scary notions, huh? If you want to stay looking gorgeous or improve some of the ways tobacco has negatively affected your appearance, ditch the tobacco and opt for vapor. E-cigarette’s give you the same pleasure and none of these awful detriments, in a very convenient and rather pleasurable method. If you don’t know where to start, hit; we’ve got everything you’re looking for!