The South Beach Smoke Gift Card: ‘Tis The Season And Reason why #VapeIsLife!

Did you know the holidays are fast approaching? Of course you do! And before you know it, they will be right on top of you without a moment to spare in finding that perfect gift for that special someone.

That’s why there’s the South Beach Smoke Gift Card.
Accepted, worldwide at, the SBS gift card is available in $10, $25, $50, $100 & $250 dollar amounts. No doubt, when crunch time is upon us, it’ll arrive just in time to be that last minute, save your rear-end, kind of gift.


Easy. Quick and easy, in fact. The card can be redeemed as fast as it was purchased via email for instant gratification in shopping all South Beach Smoke has to offer. And because it can be emailed to the lucky recipient of your choice, especially when, say, the holidays are here, it eliminates the once unavoidable burden dealing with conventional mail or parcel carriers and their “special” holiday rates. Best of all, it can be done from the comfort (and sneaky discretion), of your humble abode. 

The South Beach Smoke gift card is great for anyone and everyone who enjoys the freedom and convenience of purchasing their vaping needs whenever – wherever. And for those choosing to #maketheswitch from traditional cigarettes, there’s no better way to introduce a friend, colleague or family member to the better nicotine option electronic cigarettes offer and spread a little holiday cheer knowing they chose to walk away from the ashtray – for good.

So whether those dearest to you are seasonal vape pen users, seasoned mod engineers or simply new to the world of e-cigs, the South Beach Smoke gift card is the perfect reason to remind us – ’tis the season to #maketheswitch and #staycloudy.