Think Ahead: Stock Up on E-Juice

This is just a public service announcement to inform you that you never need a reason to stock up on e-juice; it’s a given that you should automatically aim for. Unless you’ve just vaped through your entire stash… in which case you’re probably quite aware that you’re going to need a nicely restocked arsenal. Otherwise, erring on the side of being conservative can save you a few dollars in the short term, however there are way too many reasons to set yourself up with a sweet, yet thoroughly full, collection of e-liquids for the long-run.

Lots of things can come up that may impact your ability to vape; a zombie apocalypse; natural disaster (it is hurricane season, y’all); getting stuck on a deserted island for an indefinite amount of time (in which case, hopefully you’ve got the juice in your pocket)… hey, it could happen. Should you ever be faced with the circumstances of not being able to access large quantities of e-juice, do you have any plans set in place? What would you do if you no longer were able to get ahold of your fave vape juice via vape shop or buying online? These are important things to think about, people.

The average shelf life of e-liquids is typically expected to be around 2 years, so if you purchase at any given point, you’ll be good for quite a while. If you need assistance in stocking up on a fully-loaded collection of e-liquids, we can help. It’s what we do. With all of our single flavors, and the possibilities of having them custom blended in a multitude of ways, we offer a range of 30,000+ flavors, so good luck getting stuck on the same-old same-old. Perfect for keeping your e-juice portfolio diversified.

This makes amassing a collection of vaping liquids easily attainable, and wholly satisfying. Plus, this should totally last you through any unforeseen circumstances that may halt your ability to access vape juice, and also offer tons of flavor choices so you’re never bored or left wanting something new, for a long time to come. So, stock up on e-liquids. You may thank us later, and being prepared (for anything) is always a good idea.