Thinking of switching? Do the math!

South Beach Smoke's extensive range of electronic cigarette products has something for every smoker. Whether you're a pack-per-day smoker or just like a cigarette with drinks or social occasions, we've got an electronic cigarette to match your lifestyle. However, another reason to make the switch from traditional tobacco to vapor is a little more mathematical.

How much could you save?
Let's say, for the sake of example, that you're used to paying $6 for a pack of traditional tobacco smokes. Now, we're not going to make you actually do the math, but let's assume that you smoke roughly one pack per day. Based on these figures, you spend $2,190 or more every year on cigarettes alone!

Now, let's look at the e-cigarette equation. A year's worth of e-cig cartridges from South Beach Smoke costs just $511 – meaning based on these numbers, you'd save $1,679 in 12 months. Of course, this math is based on the assumption that you're spending just $6 per pack of regular tobacco smokes, but the reality is that you could be spending even more, particularly on the big name brands. The more you're used to spending, the more you'll save by making the switch to electronic cigarettes.

Teaching old dogs new tricks
Something else to consider is how using electronic cigarettes can actually change your smoking habits.

With traditional tobacco smokes costing so much these days, many smokers choose to finish each and every cigarette down to the last drag. However, using an e-cigarette provides you with the same amount of nicotine you're used to, not to mention the satisfying throat hit from our thick water-based vapor, meaning you don't need to inhale as much to feel the same satisfaction.

So what does this have to do with math and savings? Well, the fewer puffs you take on your e-cigarette, the longer the cartridge will last, meaning even our savings calculator isn't perfectly accurate. As you adjust to using e-cigs instead of traditional tobacco, you'll actually save even more!

Guilt-free smoking pleasure
With numbers like these, the advantages of switching are clear, but let's not forget why so many smokers choose South Beach Smoke. Our 100 percent made-in-the-USA nicotine juice delivers a delicious and satisfying smoking sensation that offers guilt-free smoking pleasure. So, with so much to save, and so many flavors to experience, what are you waiting for? Try one of our disposable electronic cigarettes today and see why millions of American smokers have made the switch.