This Memorial Day, Switch to South Beach Smoke

To commemorate the day, South Beach Smoke is offering a very generous sale on all of our starter kits. With 25% off, now is the perfect time to get one for yourself. If you’ve been considering switching over to the electronic side, here’s just another great, money-saving reason. If you are already a South Beach Smoke connoisseur, this is an excellent opportunity to get yourself an additional kit, because if you need extra accessories and batteries, a starter kit can save money in doing so. Perhaps you know someone who would benefit greatly from switching to e-cigs, do them a favor and assist them in cleaning up their smoking habit with a kit.

In this light, this year South Beach Smoke is dedicated to showing that they are more than just an ordinary company, looking to capitalize on overblown Memorial Day sales. Not only are all e-cigarette starter kits on sale, but we are donating 5% of all proceeds to the troops and their families.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Memorial Day than by switching your tobacco cigarettes for South Beach Smoke’s technologically advanced electronic cigarettes. Who doesn’t do something special on this day meant to honor our brave military heroes who have died in service? While the day’s meaning can, at times, get overshadowed by partying, it can definitely serve as a reminder that you should be thankful for all the freedom we have here in America, and take care of your health as best as you can. For those who are still smoking tobacco, do yourself a favor and enter the 21st century with your smoking habit.