Thoughts on Upgrading to a Vaporizer

So you’ve been vaping for a while. You’ve learned to love the feeling vaping as opposed to smoking cigarettes. You’ve gotten so accustomed to not smelling like a musty saloon. You’ve been done with the cigarette trash, such as butts and ash for good. You really appreciate all the modern, digital conveniences that have come from not smoking traditional cigarettes. Yes, you are a bonafide, solidified, dignified vaper.

One problem though: you’re ready to transition to more advanced vaping devices, and you aren’t sure how to get your feet wet. You’ve heard about the South Beach Smoke Air, and while it looks enticing, with it’s promise of greater power and performance, and that gorgeous stainless steel design, you’re not sure how to transition. Your two-piece e-cigs have been your buddies for quite some time, how do you say goodbye?

Well, for starters, you don’t have to give up your two-piece e-cigs if you decide to add a vaporizer into your life; we’re all about options. It’s normal to want greater performance, so drop the emotional attachment. You have more options with vaping pens, and have the option of using our extremely large selection of e-liquids. You can customize more of your experience and really get what you want from your vaping device by using mods.

The South Beach Smoke Air works with cartomizers, and these are excellent. You fill them with the liquid of your choice, and they have the benefit of producing more vapor, and they allow the flavors of your liquids to come through better than cartridges.

Power. When vaping with the Air, regardless of which model you go for, all three sizes offer more power than our Deluxe batteries. That’s the beauty of vaporizers, and why so many people are vaping with them. More power comes out to better hits, more powerful throat hits, and a much higher level of vapor production.

What are your thoughts on vaporizers now? Are you convinced it’s time to get yourself a more advanced e-cigarette? Are you a little less intimidated by the promise of better performance? When it all comes down to it, we encourage you to give the South Beach Smoke Air a try, you’ve got nothing to lose, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased!