Throat Hit: What You Need to Know

You will hear a lot of chatter about “throat hit” in e-cigarette conversations. It’s one of those little factors that weighs in pretty heavily when it comes to deciding a particular brand’s worthiness. It’s one of those factors that really is “make it or break it!”

Throat hit is the hit you get from the e-cig when you’re vaping. It’s the feeling in the back of your throat after you inhale that comes from the feeling and force of the vapor. When smoking traditional cigarettes, it’s very evident, while when it comes to electronic cigarettes, it’s rather difficult to execute properly. Many brands do not even come close to the feeling and experience of a traditional cigarette with their e-cigarettes, however this is one area that should never be lacking with alternative cigarettes, as it is one aspect customers are really looking for.

Throat hit is definitely subjective among users. Some prefer a heavier, stronger, more intense hit, while there are also those who want less. It’s rather similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. For instance, smoking “Reds” will provide a much stronger hit than smoking a “light” variety, and this general guideline is relevant to e-cigarettes as well.

One way to master the throat hit of your electronic cigarette is by how you puff. For those who are used to smoking traditional cigarettes, one of the most common ways to have a throat hit like cigarettes is to take very quick, but strong drags. The drags need to be slightly longer and more thorough than if you were smoking cigarettes, but it does produce very good vapor for a more satisfying vaping experience.

A large number of smokers who try lower quality brands of e-cigarettes often switch back to tobacco after experiencing a less than average throat hit. Such a circumstance is so unfortunate because it shouldn’t be put against all brands of e-cigarettes. And it should be said that there are brands out there that have no problem producing vapor, and giving customers a proper throat hit, South Beach Smoke for one! Trial and error goes a long way, and if we must toot our own horn, we’re very proud to offer a fantastic throat hit!