Throw a vaping party this holiday season

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching and the holidays hot on its heels, you could be forgiven for being a little preoccupied with finding the perfect green bean casserole recipe or calculating turkey cooking times. However, this time of the year is also the perfect opportunity to throw an impromptu get-together for your closest friends and introduce them to the pleasures of vaping. As the days grow colder, warm things up and spend some quality time with the people you care about by throwing a vaping party with South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes.

Set the scene
Everybody knows that creating the right atmosphere is essential to nailing the perfect party, and this is certainly no exception. Before you break out the e-cig cartridges, be sure to set the mood to ensure everyone has a great time.

If you and your friends prefer quieter, more sophisticated gatherings, put some classical music on low and use candles to create the perfect mood lighting. For drinks, you'll probably want to choose some nice wine. Of course, the type you choose will depend on the kind of food you plan to serve. White wines are ideally suited to lighter fare such as chicken, or cheese and crackers, whereas reds are bolder and lend themselves well to heartier Italian or meat-heavy dishes. In terms of your e-cigarettes, choose lighter flavors such as vanilla, peach or cherry to add a playful element to the proceedings.

For livelier parties, break out the ice-cold beers and order in some hot pizzas. Choose some rocking tunes and go with classic tobacco or menthol flavor e-cig cartridges for your electronic cigarettes. Of course, one thing you won't have to do is make sure everyone has their own ashtray, as South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes offer a smooth, rich and satisfying smoking experience with no mess, no hassle and no combustion – perfect!

Be prepared
If you've been vaping for a while, the chances are good that you've already got your own Deluxe Starter Kit – but what about your friends? Sure, you could always let them try your e-cig, but if they take a liking to it, and we're sure they will, you might have a hard time getting it back! For this reason, why not invest in a couple of disposable electronic cigarettes and turn your friends onto the smoking sensation that's sweeping the nation?

South Beach Smoke's disposable e-cigs require no assembly and there's no need to charge the battery before use – simply open the packaging and vape away! These e-cigarettes make ideal holiday gifts, and if you're trying to help a friend make the transition from traditional tobacco to e-cigs, we know they'll just love the thick water-based vapor of our products.

As a South Beach Smoke customer, you can receive generous discounts simply by telling people about our products and services. After your vaping party, if your friends start asking you about how to get their hands on their own e-cigs, take advantage of our referral program. Each time you refer someone to us, we'll provide you with a discount of $25 off your next order. To make it even more tempting, we'll also discount your friend's purchase by 10 percent, so everybody wins!

We've got something for everyone at South Beach Smoke. Whether you prefer the bold strength of our e-cigs or just want to enjoy the delicious flavors with friends over drinks, you won't be disappointed in our range of electronic cigarettes and accessories.