Need a few pointers for total performance perfection? Here are some of our most useful tips that can help you get the most out of your vape! Consider this your cheat sheet; print it out if need be, because these handy little helpers should be memorized!

Battery Not Working:

  1. Check to see if the cartridge is screwed on too tight.

  2. Is it charged? Easily overlooked, it does happen to the best of us!

  3. It may be time for a new cartridge, try a fresh one.

Not Enough Vapor:

  1. Cartridge on too tight? It should be firm, but not too tight.

  2. Check your technique, are you hitting it properly with long, slow inhales?

  3. Is the cartridge old? A cartridge will stop producing vapor when it is done.

  4. Have things gotten dirty? Check and clean the connection points between the battery and the cartridge. Old liquid can get in, dry up, and cause problems.

E-Cigarette Makes You Cough:

  1. After switching, you may find that vaping makes you cough. It’s normal.

  2. Drink A LOT of water. This will keep your mouth and throat hydrated, your system functioning properly, your circulation flowing, and will allow your body to process out the old junk quicker.

  3. Try a lesser nicotine level in your cartridge, as vapor is different than smoke, and sometimes you need less than you think.

Not Getting Adequate Vapor Hits

  1. Vape with long, slow drags, not short quick ones like you would with tobacco cigarettes.

  2. Check the liquid, you may need to switch to a different e-juice with more PG for your particular needs.

And if these don’t work, it may be time for an e-cigarette upgrade. We’ve got all the best products, whether you are just starting out the journey to vaping or are a seasoned user looking for a more advanced product. Check out our line of advanced vaporizers if you want to go for something more technical, or our standard line of e-cigs for high-quality basic electronic cigarettes.