So you’ve just started using electronic cigarettes. You picked out a brand, picked out a device, and you’re on your way to being smoke-free and loving the vape life. However as exciting as it is, there are challenges. So to help you along and to help you make your vaping experience go as smoothly as possible, here are South Beach Smoke’s top 10 tips to help you along!

1. Get used to the fact that e-cigarettes will not taste exactly like your traditional cigarettes. As many different tobacco flavored cartridges there are, and as much as they’re designed to replicate the flavor of popular cigarette brands, none of them will be a completely exact flavor. So learn to expand your horizons and enjoy the different types of tobacco (and other flavors too!) that are made for vaping.

2. Smoking cigarettes and vaping are totally different so don’t expect it to be exactly the same. E-cigarettes are heavier and they have a slightly different feel in the hand. You have to learn how to inhale, exhale, and puff on an e-cigarette. You have to learn to appreciate the differences in vapor as opposed to smoke.

3. Research. There’s a lot of research to be done. You have to learn about your different accessory options as well as cartridges, flavors, and nicotine levels to figure out how to troubleshoot with your model and all the little intricacies that go along with working your device. This will allow you to know what you’re doing, and teach you how to handle your e-cigarette properly.

4. E-liquid is compatible with the number of cigarettes consumed, so how many cartridges you go through is equivalent to how much you’re vaping. Experience comes from using your cartridges and e-cigarette gear over time, and that’s basically how you’ll figure out how many cartridges you need for basic use.

5. Battery size is equivalent to power; the smaller the battery, the shorter the span through each charge will be. So if you’re heavy smoker you’ll need more than a couple of batteries. However, if you’re a light smoker, two batteries will probably be fine for you. Most e-cig starter kits come with at least one battery.

6. Learn your products. You’re going to see basic e-cig models selling for quite a bit of money, however you’ll notice that South Beach smoke e-cigarette batteries are exceptionally affordable, starting at $17.95, versus other brands that charge between $25 and $50 for equivalent products.

7. Even though cartridges are designed to be disposable, you can refill them a few times before disposing.

8. It’s very well-known that using electronic cigarettes is much more affordable than smoking traditional cigarettes, however you have to watch your costs because there are certain ways to really drive up the expenses. Taking care of your batteries and cleaning all of your parts regularly can extend their lifespan greatly, enabling them to last longer and make your money go further.

9. It may be intimidating learning how to use an e-cigarette properly, it just takes some time, patience, and learning the ropes. While the  technique is different from traditional cigs, you get the same end result. The best way to go at it is to take small, slow, gentle puffs. The more you practice, the better you’ll get and before you know it you’ll have it down pat!

10. Take time to plan. E-cigarettes take some extra work because you need to keep extra cartridges on hand, as well as possibly batteries and maybe even a charger in order to stay up to speed with your vaping. If you’re accustomed to cigarettes, it might seem a little bit challenging at first, however once you get the hang of it, e-smoking is awesome and definitely the more convenient and comfortable option. Don’t let the challenges  dissuade you, the world of vapor awaits!