Plain and simple: electronic cigarettes are just better than tobacco cigarettes! They are much more versatile, they are healthier, and you won’t annoy anyone around you with your smoke. Since we are now officially in the thick of summer, here are the top 5 places to take your e-cigarettes with you, no matter what you’re doing! As we all know, summer is the season for fun, so don’t let those cancer sticks drag you down!

1. The Backyard BBQ. Whether you are partying with friends or family, backyard cookouts are what summer is meant for! And what could be better than to kick back, have some laughs, and be free to puff away on your e-cig, without worrying about the intrusion of smoke?

2.  The Beach. The ultimate spot for relaxing, playing, and enjoying the natural surroundings! Bring pina colada e-cig cartridges for optimal pleasure! Use your electronic cigarette to not just get your nicotine fix, but avoid being one of the many irresponsible people who toss their butts in the sand. Avoid pollution, people!

3. Music Festival and Outdoor Concerts. Rock out with your vapor out! With less and less people smoking cigarettes, enjoy a more comfortable experience knowing you are not contributing to mass second hand smoke. And, chances are, if the venue you are at happens to be smoke free, you’ll have no problem indulging in your smoke-free vapor cigarette!

4. Camping. No matter where you live, camping excursions can be pretty easy to do within a few hours. In the summertime, one of the coolest things you can do is to hit the road with a few friends or the kids, and go explore the woods and spend the night in a tent. E-smokes travel incredibly well, and they are much more eco friendly than their tobacco counterparts. You won’t have to think about littering, and you can have the most natural experience as possible! Get the Personal Charging Case for the most freedom in keeping your batteries charged, too!

5. Date Nights in the City. Something about summer nights in major cities can be so incredibly romantic! Whether you are going on your first date with a certain someone, or with your soul mate, keep things easy with electronic cigarettes. You won’t have to excuse yourself to smoke outside, you won’t have to be concerned with making your date uncomfortable because you happen to enjoy nicotine, and you won’t  be turning anyone off with your smoky odor!