Traveling with E-Cigs: What You Need to Know

TSA approves e-cigarettes as safe for traveling. Here’s a quickie guide to traveling with your vape gear and e-cigs. It’s always good to brush up on this stuff, and to know the best ways to make vaping fit into your travel needs seamlessly!

Pack Extra:

Seems self explanatory, however, it’s important enough to not overlook it! You should have enough extra liquids, cartridges, chargers, atomizers, and at least an extra battery or two to go a couple extra days. Things happen, delays happen, stuff gets lost, and being prepared is so much better than being empty-handed when you need a vape. Sure beats reverting back smoke, don’t ya say?

Carry-On, Y’all!

E-cigs, vaporizers, and all related items should always be in your carry-on bag. Keeping them in your checked luggage leaves them susceptible to security discarding them without warning, and at least if they are with you, you can explain everything. These days, having the best carry-on luggage you can afford is so much a necessity when it comes to travel. A bag with a lot of organization space, that also happens to be easy to get your important stuff in and out of in a jiffy can save you a lot of time getting through checkpoints at airport security.

E-Liquids & Airplanes: Remember 311:

Currently, the same liquid rules apply to e-liquids when it comes to travel. If they are kept in your carry-on, no more than 3.4 ounces per bottle, and since most e-juice bottles are around 30ml, or just about 1 ounce, you’ll most likely be fine. However, if you are bringing an assortment of bottles, keep in mind the TSA does not allow more than the capacity of these smaller bottles than can fit inside of a 1-quart-sized clear plastic bag, with a 1-per-person rule.

Pay Attention

You may not be able to vape any and everywhere. Pay attention to signs, and do not assume it’s acceptable to whip out that mod and puff away as you please. Ask, if you are unsure, especially when in new airports, cities, towns, countries, jurisdictions, continents, etc.

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Traveling is fun. Traveling with e-cigs is even better. Hope these tips have proved helpful on next jaunt outta town!