Turn your friends who are smokers onto vaping e-cigs

Last time you were out with your friends, did you trudge outside the bar or restaurant to have a traditional cigarette with your pals, or did you vape? If you're a regular e-cig user, you'll already know how great South Beach Smoke's range of e-cigarette flavors taste – but do your friends?

Mix it up
One of the best things about South Beach's range of e-cigarettes is the amount of flavors to choose from. From cool crisp menthol to fun, lively flavors like peach and piña colada, there's something for everyone. But what if a friend wants to try vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes? Well, simply switch out the cartridge to another flavor and give your buddy a chance to experience the fresh tastes of an e-cigarette firsthand.

This situation also works when you head out for a night on the town. If you used to smoke traditional cigarettes, you probably didn't buy several packs for a single night out, right? Well, with South Beach Smoke's range of e-cigs, you can take your favorite flavors with you wherever you go. Hot dinner date? Pair an Italian meal with tobacco classic flavor. Drinks with the girls? Mix it up with menthol, cherry or chocolate – it's your call.

Long-lasting flavor
You already know how great South Beach Smoke's e-cigarettes are, but let's face it – some of your smoker friends might be a little behind the times. If this sounds familiar, you could always loan your pal an e-cig to try instead of their regular smokes.

Our range of e-cigs feature SuperMax batteries, so they last longer than most other brands of electronic cigarettes, and since each flavor pack is equivalent to between 12 and 14 packs of traditional smokes, even letting a friend borrow your e-cig for a day or two won't hurt. Plus, you could end up with a brand-new vaping buddy – with so many flavors and none of the mess or inconvenience of regular smokes, who wouldn't want to make the switch?

Alternatively, if you know a smoker friend with a birthday coming up, why not get them a deluxe South Beach Smoke starter kit? With everything they need to enjoy the pleasures of vaping, these kits make perfect presents.

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