Up Your Sex Appeal with E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are hot, and using them can make you even hotter. Now, you may be thinking such a statement is ludicrous, however, most smokers switch to vaping because they want an alternative to smoking tobacco. They inherently want to get healthier, and they are looking for a more positive overall lifestyle.

What this has to do with sex appeal is that, well, the healthier you are, chances are the more attractive you will be. If you work out, the more likely you are to be physically fit. The general population finds healthy, fit individuals to be more attractive. See the correlation? While we can’t promise that flaunting an e-cig will get you more dates, we can say that leading a healthier lifestyle will add many benefits to your life, and exercising has the benefit of not only making your body hotter, but also one’s attitude! That’s right, exercise releases endorphins, which can boost your mood and make you a happier, more confident person! And it’s widely accepted that confidence is very sexy.

Many smokers are not fond of exercising because their lungs can’t handle the increased effort it takes to keep up. This can often lead smokers to not exercise, which in turn can cause unwanted weight gain. A horrible, vicious cycle it is! On the contrary, however, many smokers report a feeling of increased lung capacity when they switch to e-cigarettes. This enables them to handle more intense workouts, and in general handle more physical activity.

In a recent study, 1000 electronic cigarette smokers were asked about their experiences with vaping and their results from using the alternative cigarette products. Many reported a feeling of improved lung function, and three fourths of the participants reported they were much more capable of handling exertion and strenuous exercise since switching to e-cigarettes. 98% of the study’s participants reported that they had been able to decrease their usage of traditional cigarettes after they started using e-cigarettes, with 77% of the participants stating they had switched entirely to e-cigs. 66% of participants reported that they noticed a significant improvement in their ability to perform daily tasks.

While in reality, simply switching to e-cigarettes won’t guarantee that you’ll become hotter, sexier, or more attractive, switching holds many benefits which can in turn, lead you to take better care of yourself. Healthy totally equates to sexy, so switch to e-cigs, hit the gym, and focus on the positives!