Using Electronic Cigarettes WhileTraveling

Traveling, whether for business or pleasure is commonplace in the lives of millions of people. As revitalizing and eye opening as it is, it can present the interesting challenges of adjusting to your daily rituals wherever you are. When it comes to smoking, vapor is certainly the more convenient way to get your nicotine without going crazy!

Traveling with electronic cigarettes is easy, and can make your journeys much nicer. They offer you more mobility, as they will not be limiting you to specific areas to keep your smoke away from others. Smoking bans exist in many places, domestically and abroad, and sure you can do your research before you leave, but why not just cover your tail with e-cigs?

So, what do you pack? A few batteries, a couple chargers, and especially your Personal Charging Case will keep you ready to vape whenever. You will need cartridges, so it depends on your personal usage and how many cartridges you use daily; but to be safe, pack extras. If you want the simplest setup possible, get a few packs of e-cigarette disposables too. Fortunately, e-cigarettes and cartridges do not take up much room, so even if you are packing light or backpacking your trip, chances are, your vapor gear will have no problem fitting.

The number of places you can vape are many, while cigarettes are very limiting. Public transportation, hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, shopping areas, in taxis, and even in some airport terminals they are allowed, while in most of these places you’d have little luck smoking tobacco.

As enjoyable as traveling is, it can also be stressful. When you’re stressed, you’re going to want to smoke, and not being able to smoke can make you more stressed. And aren’t things always better when you plan ahead when traveling, anyway? So, pack your e-cigs, enjoy your trip, and don’t be without your nicotine and vapor!