Using the Air: How to Choose a Flavor

With the launch of the South Beach Smoke Air, we launched a massively large collection of e-liquids and flavors. So if the Air has become your new model of choice, you may be wondering how to choose when you’ve got so many delicious options. Here is a guide to make it a little easier, and just keep in mind, there is no reason to settle for just one! A single 30ml bottle of e-liquid will last about a week, with normal use, so having a personal selection of a few different options will benefit you in the long run!

What do you like?

Ask yourself this important question. Tobacco? Menthol? Watermelon-Peach-Mango? Your options are no longer limited to the categories of tobacco and menthol, however even if they are, you’ve got unlimited choices there too! If you are new to e-smoking, you will be amazed at the new world that awaits you in the ways of flavors; there are so many of them! So, the first thing is to figure out what you like.

Think about proportions:

Our liquids are sold singly, in double shots, with as many as three flavors in a custom blend. For instance, one of our most popular blends is the Godfather blend, a combination of a single shot of Top Shelf Bourbon and a single shot of Amaretto. If you wanted this flavor, but with a deeper note of the bourbon, you could have it blended with a single shot of Amaretto and a double shot of Bourbon. And this basic rule goes for all of our flavors and e-liquid custom blends. If you can think it, we can do it!

Get out of the box:

That’s kind of our basis on a general level, but we really believe in going for the extraordinary. Don’t limit yourself to certain flavors, and allow yourself an open mind to try new experiences with flavor. We wouldn’t brag about offering 30,000 different combinations if it weren’t an exciting concept put into action!

Take your vaping to new heights, and experience the pleasure! We hope this has been helpful in giving you some guidance, your satisfaction is our aim!