Using Your E-Cigs Without Being Annoying: An Etiquette Guide

So you want to vape in public, but you don’t want to aggravate everyone around you. Oh no, you are done with that lifestyle (see ya, tobacco!)! Smoking cigarettes taught you good and well how pissed off people get when smoke wafts within a square foot of their public breathing space, so why go back to being a nuisance to society if you don’t have to? Vaping allows you the pleasure of the same feeling, the glorious nicotine sensation, and the ability to use your goods in public without anyone having to smell the odor, or worry about the second-hand smoke! However, in case you’re in need, here are a few tips to keep in mind about smoking your e-cigs in the presence of others. Ya know, to keep the peace and allow yourself the ability to represent vaping with the best image and intentions possible!


Vaping outdoors, in public, at restaurants, in parks, malls, and anywhere you damn well please is great! Freedom feels awesome. However, while you’re puffing away among the masses, just be mindful to not be obnoxious. If you are confronted by someone who is assuming you are smoking, and there are no restrictions on public vaping, simply explain that you are not using a tobacco device, and are not technically “smoking.” If a compromise cannot be met, head outdoors and breathe in the fresh air with your vape.


People are going to ask you questions, humans in general are a curious, gregarious species. So answer them informatively, positively, and try to leave them with a great impression on these magnificent alternatives. You don’t have to try to change people’s minds, as you will most likely encounter those who are completely opposed to accepting electronic cigs, however just do your best to be an intelligent, and informed vaper who can pass along the good and positives of an often misunderstood topic.

Unsure? Ask:

If you find yourself in a position to where you are not sure if it’s ok or acceptable to smoke your tobacco-free, vapor-positive nicotine-vibing goods, just ask. It can’t hurt. Many states have restrictions on public e-smoking now, however it can be vague. If you see an obvious “No Vaping” sign, you know the deal. If you are unsure in other situations, simply ask! Awkward and negative situations can certainly be avoided; common sense and consideration will take you far in the social scope! Happy (public) vaping, y’all!