Valentine’s Day: What Could be More Romantic than Vapor?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we all know that vapor cigs are the more romantic alternative. Yes, we know, most people don’t regard vaping as “romantic,” but it definitely is. Your see, cigarettes smell bad, and they aren’t very sexy. They make your teeth look awful, they make your body unhealthy, they are absolutely much too expensive (you could be saving up for an excitingly hot vacation instead!) and simply, tobacco cigarettes are annoying.

So, if you smoke, switch to vapor for V-Day this year; your nonsmoking lover will thank you! Surprise them, and watch their eyes light up! Nothing says you care quite like taking better care of yourself and/or doing something on behalf of your partner to make their life a little more comfortable; because they’ve loved you enough to put up with your smoke this long! Switching to e-cigs will benefit you both, trust us on this!

Now, if your partner is the tobacco user among the two of you, what could make a hotter Valentine’s Day gift than a loaded South Beach Smoke starter kit? Yeah, nothing. However, if you want to butter it up with a little extra thought, go for it!

So, what if the two of you are smokers and switching will make life better for both of you? Enter the South Beach Smoke Couple’s Starter Kit. This will make all of your smoke-free fantasies come true, and you won’t have to deal with sharing equipment and stealing each other’s stuff. You know what they say… Couple’s who vape together, stay together!

And, not to leave single people out of the mix, just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you won’t be looking for some action come V-Day. So if you find yourself in this boat, get down with vaping because cigarette smoke is more of a deterrent, rather than an attractor to potential partners. And, don’t forget that e-cigs make great convo starters! Just looking out for you; no one should be without love on Valentine’s Day!