Atomizers: What are They?

Ah, atomizers, those clever little necessities of the vaping process, especially in regards to advanced vaporizers! Have you ever wondered what they do (for real) and why they are so important? What about why they never seem to last very long? Well, because you aren’t the only one, here is a look at what atomizers do, and why they are part of the grand scheme of things.

What Are Atomizers?

Atomizers are the part of the device that does the vaporizing action, and they are responsible for the quality of your vapor and its taste. They are powered by the battery, and they heat the liquid and essentially vaporize it into powerful clouds of delicious vapor. Many consider them to be the most important part of the process, and because of this, it is imperative to go with a good atomizer.

How do Atomizers Work?

Typically, depending on the device, atomizers receive a charge of power from the battery once the user takes a puff on the vaporizer. This enables them to instantly heat up to hot temps via the heating coil, which connects to the wicking material where the e-liquid is held, and in seconds, it vaporizes the liquid upon contact.

Atomizer Slang

Atomizers are on everyone’s must-have list, and there are a lot of different (somewhat albeit confusing) terms for everything atomizer-related. You’ll hear things like dual-coil, single coil, atty, carto, cartomizer, clearomizer, and tanks that all have a reference to atomizers, even though these are not all interchangeable. Here is a quick breakdown of what they are and what they mean:

  • Dual Coil: 2 coil atomizer.
  • Single Coil: Self explanatory; 1 coil.
  • Atty: Short and sweet for “Atomizer.”
  • Cartomizer: A component that combines the atomizer and cartridge.
  • Carto: Short for “Cartomizer.”
  • Clearomizer: A clear tank. It holds liquid and contains an atomizer, with a clear body.
  • Tank: Component that holds the liquid, and works with the atomizer and battery for vapor.

Why Do Atomizers Need Replacing Constantly?

They do a lot of work in a short amount of time, so this equates to a short lifespan. And even though death is not pleasant, it’s necessary when it comes to these parts. To make it easy on you, we sell atomizers in 5-packs so you can replace as often as needed!

So, atomizers are awesome. Without them, vaping simply would not exist. Think of them as the worker bees of the vaping process (you wouldn’t have much food without bees; you wouldn’t have vapor without atty’s!); they make the magic happen!