Vape Gift Guide 2015

It’s the holidays y’all, and it is time to get shopping for all those lucky smokers and vapers in your life. And common sense will tell you, there is only one really worthy gift for all of them: South Beach Smoke. We’ve seriously got everything you need for everyone who enjoys the vapelife, and here are our top picks for holiday gifts. We have the very best selection, and incredibly low prices so, you’ll not only be able to knock out a big chunk of your list with us, but you can do so in one quick, timely swoop! So here you go, if you’re wondering what to buy everyone who enjoys vaping and smoking, this is it!

For the Cigarette Smoker: A Deluxe Plus Starter Kit. This is the all-around, basic e-cig kit plus a few nice upgrades.

For the Happy E-Cig Smoker: The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit. This is your best bet for the e-cig smoker who loves their e-cigs, and has no interest in upgrading to more advanced products.

For Coworkers Who Smoke Cigarettes: Reusable Express Kits. These kits make the perfect stocking stuffer, and are great to give out generously due to their highly attractive price tag of $21.99.

For the Restless Vaper: A Storm Starter Kit. This is the ideal gift for someone who gets bored easily and enjoys the excitement of technology. This is a simple to use, yet very powerful vaporizer, sure to please anyone who is into vapor.

For the Hard-to-Shop-For Vaper: a custom vape pen built on our Custom Vaporizer Builder in their favorite colors, with a some cool accessory upgrades. You just can’t beat custom building when it comes to getting things exactly as you want them!

For Everyone: South Beach Smoke Gift Cards! The ultimate stocking stuffer, and the easiest gift of all to give, SBS gift cards rock! No one will shy away from one, and for any vaper, they make an awesomely thoughtful present!