Vape ‘n VOTE!

Election 2016 is down to the wire, folks, and we wanted to give you just a subtle reminder to get out there and VOTE tomorrow, if you haven’t already done so! We’re not touting either candidate, but we are urging you to use your constitutional right to get your vote in. In what many consider to be the most heated election since forever, it is so important to make sure your opinion counts. Because like the old saying goes, unless you vote, you’ve got no room to complain.

Whether you swing to the right, left, or dance straight down the middle and are planning on voting rogue for Gary Johnson, we suggest making these last hours on the lead up to Decision 2016 as stress-free, and as vape-filled as possible. Seriously. There is no better way to deal with the anxiousness as you bide your time awaiting the results! So make sure your e-cig batteries are all charged up, your extra tanks are clean and ready, you’ve got e-liquids to spare on hand, and you have extra flavors in case you need a switch ASAP! As we all know, it’s a seriously close race, filled with nonstop drama, intrigue, scandal, and mayhem! And despite it all, at the end of it all, a candidate will be decided upon, entitled with running this ship for the next 4 years! Yeah, that’s a pretty heavy endeavor, and we’re certainly feeling the weight and anticipation of it! So, we’re vaping. Like you should be. Because awesome flavor, the incomparable relaxation of vaping, and the soothing effects of vapor make it the perfect antidote to the stress.

This election may or may not have an impact on the vaping industry, but as we all know, it will certainly have an impact on all of our lives in a variety of ways, so VOTE. Because you have the right to do so, VOTE. Because your voice counts. VOTE. Because your opinion on healthcare, education, homeland security, and taxes matter, and these are things you should be immensely concerned about; because they will affect you. So, vape as you wait, and be sure you vote tomorrow!

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