Vape On! It’s Back to College Season

Across the country, colleges and universities everywhere are reopening their doors for the back to school season. Dorms are being moved into. Textbooks are being purchased. Summer’s late mornings are making way for early rising. So, whether you are celebrating the cerebral journey ahead, or dreading it, if college life is currently your life, here are our top reasons why having vapor you can turn to can make life all the more pleasant!

  1. Most college campuses are smoke-free campuses. This was obviously a very responsible move, however for those who crave nicotine when their stress levels start rising, electronic cigarettes can be a major lifesaver! Having options is always a good thing, and smoke-free options in a smoke-free environment can make life way easier. Midterms, campus run-arounds, figuring your way through advanced calculus… yeah, vapor.

  2. Boredom sucks and it happens to everyone. In between classes, late nights when you can’t sleep, your plans get canceled.. whatever has you bored, fill the time by vaping.

  3. Stress fix. Stress is a huge part of campus life, and as much as you stress in hopes of achieving specific goals, it can have the adverse effect by upsetting you more, making you more anxious, and wreaking havoc on your immune system. Finding ways to beat it is absolutely essential! One of our fave ways to relax involves chilling outdoors, feeling the breeze, catching a sunset, and having a vape. You’d be surprised what a little chill-out time can do for you!

  4. Socialize. What would campus living be without the social aspect? It’d be just school! Socializing, meeting new people, sizing up the dating scene, joining clubs, partaking in activities; it’s all part of college, and one way to make the social scene even more fun is to bring your vape pen along. Vapor smoking not only has the benefit of being odorless, it’s also much more crowd-friendly.

  5. Money, money, mo-ney! College life is generally not lavish or filled with the riches of excess. Vaping saves a ton of money over smoking, and if there is one thing college kids need more of in their pockets, it’s cash!