Vape & Save Some Money

It’s presently the holiday season, have you found yourself broke? Well look at the bright side, be glad you’re vaping because imagine how broke you’d be if you were still smoking traditional cigarettes! All laughs aside, though, if you want/ need to save even more, here are some fabulous ways you can cut your costs some more! Vaping rocks, and being able to save money is one of the best reasons!

Join the HDP, aka, the Home Delivery Program. This money saving hookup saves you 20% on your e-cigarette cartridge purchases, and gets them sent to you on automatic intervals. Can I get a hell yeah!

Buy your cartridges in bulk. This can save you some money if you aren’t joining the Home Delivery Program and you get the added bonus of having a nice big stock supply.

Are you aware of our other programs that save money like SOBE Rewards and our Refer-a-Friend Program? They give you the ability to earn points and save money in different ways, by simply being a proud customer. Easy, right? Take advantage!

SOBE Rewards is all about giving you rewards for the money you spend with us. Every time you spend $1, you get a point, and once you hit 200 points, (for having spent $200) you get $20 in credits to spend with us on future purchases! It’s like getting 10% off of everything and it gives you additional incentive knowing that for all of your purchases, you’ll continue earning rewards that’ll save you money in the future. It really comes in handy. Doesn’t require any additional work on your part because membership is automatic, just kick back, vape, and every time you make a purchase, smile knowing you are racking up points!

So if money is on your mind and you and you’d like to make your dollars go even further, make sure you take advantage of all the little ways we hook you up! Using electronic cigarettes is way more affordable traditional tobacco cigarettes, so save as much as you can, where you can!