Vaping & Dating

Trying to score as many dates as you possibly can? Allow us to offer some advice: first things first, put down the cigarettes! Next, grab yourself some cigarettes and/ or vaporizers! No one wants to date an ashtray!

Cigarettes are entirely passe now that smokers actually have a legit alternative that feels great, tastes great, and allows them to have practically the same experience, minus all the hangups that come with tobacco. Keep reading to see why e-smoking is the better way to go if you’re looking for love!

Dating goes so much better when you are a vaper, as opposed to being a smoker. Plenty of non smokers wouldn’t even consider dating a smoker, so why eliminate a whole demographic from the pool of available suitors? Smokers tend to smell, they always need an excuse to head outside to smoke, their cars smell, their homes smell, their clothes smell… see where this is going? Smokers also tend to have less than pearly smiles, which can be a big turnoff. They also are well known for spending too much money on cigarettes, which can put a damper on things for those looking for long-term, stable relationships. Also on the subject of relationships, smokers tend to be less healthy and have shorter lifespans; would you really want to be involved with someone who (statistically) will be more likely to have health problems?

Things are really different on the vapor side of the dating game, however. When you’re a vaper and in the dating scene, you no longer have to worry about what you smell like, whether your date will be okay with your smoking habit or having to interrupt the moment to exit for a smoke. You can continue enjoying yourselves, and not be self-conscious about the smoke creating a negative vibe.

Another plus to using vaporizers and e-cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco is that you will have one more interesting thing to talk about. Chat about how you started. What your fave models are. What flavors you like best. What benefits vaping adds to your life…

And, if your date happens to be a vaper as well, that means you will have an extra lil something in common, plus a mutual understanding right off the bat!