Vaping for Couples

Do you and your spouse/ partner/ significant other have a habit of stealing each other’s e-cigarettes and cartridges? Did you purchase a starter kit because you were open-minded enough to try vaping, while they refused, only to get interested once they witnessed how much you dig the art of vaping? Do you have the bad habit of “borrowing” their e-cigarettes because you are too lazy to get your own?

If you and your partner can relate any of these scenarios you need one thing, and one thing only: a South Beach Smoke Couple’s Starter Kit.

As the name implies, it was designed for couples, because the scenarios listed above are not unique by any means. In fact, in the vaping world, they are all quite common, and we know how annoying it can be to want to vape, and not be able to locate your battery because someone else has it! Or, even worse, has used it down to 0% on the battery, and did not recharge it. Oh, the nerve!

These situations are exactly the reason the Couple’s Starter Kit was created, because vaping should be lovingly shared and enjoyed together, inspiring domestic bliss, not stress!

The Couple’s Kit contains exactly what you both want and need:

  • 2 Standard Batteries
  • 2 Extra Capacity Batteries
  • 2 USB Chargers
  • 2 Wall Chargers
  • 2 Car Adapters
  • 20 Nicotine Cartridges

As you can see, it contains everything you both could want or need, doubled up! And neither of you will be venturing into the other’s stuff if you’re out of a battery due to charging or having run out of power since there are 4 batteries in this kit! Also, having three different charging options, for both of you, adds to the convenience and versatility of this starter kit package. What makes this starter kit even more fantastic is that you get all of these products for an unbelievable price: $109.99!

If you and your significant other want to make the switch to vaping together, or if you want to make vaping convenient for both of you, this couple’s starter kit is the way to do it! And, if you happen to know another couple who would benefit from the wonders of e-cigarettes, this kit makes an amazing gift! Here’s to love, and vapor smoking!