Vaping Techniques for Beginners

Vaping rocks, however we know full and well that it’s not exactly a given that you’re going to get every piece of the puzzle on point the minute you switch. In an idealistic world, yes, that’s exactly how it would work, but in this case, trial and error is much more realistic.

If you find yourself among the masses when it comes to switching to the electronic side of smoking, here are some vaping techniques that can add to the level of satisfaction and make it all the more enjoyable. One of the toughest aspects of switching can be swapping out the old familiar for something totally new, however change is not a bad thing; it’s all about developing new, better habits. Transitions can be so much smoother with the right info, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your vaping!

First things first, remember that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are technology items, just like computers and smart phones. Yes, they do different things, but if you approach them as tech gadgets, and less like a traditional cigarette, you will be able to work them to your personal preferences.

One of the keys to success with vaping after switching from tobacco is figuring out the throat hit. Long, slow drags that go on from 3-6 seconds are ideal for getting a satisfying hit.

Hold your vapor in longer before exhaling; everything feels better when you do.

Play with different flavors, it can be extremely delicious and can help make the transition more interesting!

Batteries require some maintenance for long lasting performance. Keep them clean, and wipe them down fairly regularly. Also, charging batteries past the 100% capacity mark is a no-no. Safeguard them with care and they’ll last you a long time!

Learn about the nicotine strengths available with cartridges. You want to find one that will be comparable to the amount of nicotine you are used to so you don’t have to deal with not feeling it.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful, because if there is one thing we strive for, it’s your satisfaction! Vaping doesn’t have to be a difficult switch, however do not forget how important it is to go at your own pace and to be patient. If you;re committed to wanting to make the switch, it’ll happen!