Vaporizers: Why Ours Rock!

SoBe Advanced VaporizersWhen it comes to vaping, you’ve got so many options. Like, SO many. You can go after models that replicate traditional cigarettes (minus the tobacco, of course), or go for the big dogs, like our advanced vaporizers that take things to new extremes. So, whether you’ve tried them, thought about trying them, or are intimidated about venturing into vape gear that techy, here’s a look at why they’re amazing, and why you should you try if you haven’t! I know, we’re pretty biased, but once you try them, you’ll probably be too!

The Storm

The South Beach Smoke Storm is an amazing advanced personal vaporizer. It boasts a nice amount of power, regardless of which model you go after, with mAh’s ranging from 650mAh 1100 mAh, and is compatible with all South Beach Smoke tanks. It feels really nice in use, creates really big clouds, and hits like a champ. Lots of cool colors to choose from, too!

In a Nutshell: Great, versatile, powerful, fun everyday vape pen!

The Curve

The SBS Curve is a gorgeous APV, with sleek, curved lines, and a nice 650mAh level of power. It also works with all other SBS tanks, and charges up to full capacity in no time! It works like a dream, is very versatile, and portable to boot. Like the Storm, you can get your Curve in a slew of different shades!

In a Nutshell: Simple, fun, and powerful!

The Thunder

The South Beach Smoke Thunder is an amazingly powerful, highly advanced vaporizer. This model offers the awesome control feature of variable voltage, which if you’ve tried, enables you to customize your personal voltage settings, for a most individualized vaping experience. So, lots of power, customization, and a sleek, modern styling give this vaporizer the ability to please even the most demanding vapers.

In a nutshell: Tons of power, variable voltage, high-performance!

So, are you ready to get your hands on an advanced vaporizer? We sure hope so! Once you experience the difference, especially compared to the performance of more basic models, we’re sure you’ll be blown away by the thrill! If you can’t decide on a single model, we urge you to check out our Custom Vaporizer Builder, which gives you the hookup for customizing the vape pen of your dreams, while guiding you through the process in minutes flat! Get ready, the world of vaping is only getting more exciting!