Wake ‘n Vape!

This post is going to be about vaping in the morning. Because it is really awesome. And if you wake up to an alarm, you’re probably well aware that your morning routine needs as much enjoyment as possible. So how many different ways are there to enjoy that sacred first vape of the day? Countless, really, because it’s kind of a personal thing. So how do you take that first vape of the day?

With Coffee

Like a traditional cigarette, only better because it’s electronic, having your e-cig with your coffee is a staple. They complement each other perfectly, and having the perfect e-liquid flavor can totally enhance that cup o’ joe!

Before You Get Out of Bed

If you’re the type who isn’t even on autopilot before that first vape, we know you have that electronic cigarette vaporizer ready, set, and waiting at your bedside for you to slam the snooze button and get it in your mouth for your official wake up call.

On the Morning Commute

Get up and go, ready to run! What better to make the madness of the commute a little sweeter and more pleasant than with something as soothing as vaping? It can get really hectic, whether you’re driving through insanity on the highways, or switching trains and buses to get where you need to be, so having something so delicious and pleasurable as your e-cigarette can really help start your day off on the right foot, despite the stress!

Long and Slow

If you’re among the minute (lucky) population who has the ability to savor your mornings, without a time clock ticking against you, a professor awaiting your attendance, or a long list of responsibilities tugging at your coattails, we know you’re enjoying every lavish moment! Vape on in the morning light!

Vaping rocks anytime of the day, however there is something especially remarkable about that first vape of the day! No one really wants to roll out of bed; aren’t you glad you’ve got vapor to make it all a little smoother?