Wanna Save Money? Switch to E-Cigs!

Saving money, aren’t we all trying to do that these days? You would think that most smokers would have made the switch to vapor by now, considering how insanely pricey tobacco cigarettes are, however many are on the fence thinking e-cigs cost more. Crazy, right? Yes, the upfront cost of e-cigarettes can make you flinch when you see the cost of e-cig starter kits compared to the cost of a pack of smokes, however that $50, $80, or $100 you spend at the start goes a whole lot farther than a single pack of cigarettes.

Here are some of the ways electronic cigarettes, South Beach Smoke in particular, can help save money. If you’re into saving money, we totally get it!

Cigarettes VS Cartridges

After you purchase your starter kit, you may think it’s going to get expensive paying for cartridges. On the contrary, a single cartridge costs a fraction of what cigarette packs cost, and we offer lots of additional ways to reduce your spending as well. For example, if you currently smoke a pack a day, and packs go for a modest $6 each, your yearly total comes to over $2000; the equivalent in South Beach Smoke cartridges will cost you somewhere around $500! Big savings, no? We love taking care of our customers!

Cigarettes VS E-Liquids

We recently added an enormous selection of e-liquids to our product offerings due to high demand from our customers. The savings are even greater when you do the filling yourself, and you get the added plus of having them custom blended!

SBS Extras

Do you know about our amazing extra services like our Home Delivery Program (HDP), SOBE Rewards, and Refer-A-Friend? Each was designed to give you more of what you love, and save you money while you’re at it! The South Beach Smoke Home Delivery is free to join and saves you 20% on refill cartridges when you are a member, plus it also gives you access to private sales events and a lifetime warranty on your products. SOBE Rewards gets you rewards and cash back simply for being a customer, and the Refer-A-Friend program gets you cash to spend with us for every friend you refer our way who makes a purchase.

So as you can see, while we are all about making and selling top quality products, we are also all for keeping things affordable. We want you to love the vaping lifestyle, and we know it shouldn’t be outlandishly pricey! Happy vaping, friends!