Wanna Save Some Money? Here’s How We Help!

We get it, you don’t want to spend your entire hard earned paycheck on your love of vaping. Sure, you could easily blow a full 40-hours pay on sick new devices, new juice, new accessories, and other cool gear to keep the clouds blowing strong, but when you got rent due and meals to eat, it’s just not always possible.

To make things go a little nicer, and to help keep more green in your wallet folds, here’s how we make vaping affordable… so if you want to indulge a bit, we give you no reason to feel the guilt as a result!

-We keep our prices in check. Lots of other brands out there (not naming names) inflate things a little too much., and while they look desirable, affording the goods is not practical. Luckily, you never have to deal with such nonsense with South Beach Smoke; we give you a great product, at a great price, all the time!

Home Delivery Program. Repeat customer? Need refills? Join this now! Takes just a minute, and you get 20% off all of your cartridges in the future because they’ll be on auto-deliveries. You never have to remember to reorder them, either! This program also gives you a lifetime warranty on your e-cigs, so it’s really worth it in every way!

SOBE Rewards. Just by being a customer you get this hookup, and you get a point for every  you spend. When you hit 200 points, you get $20 back to spend with us. That’s like 10% everything, all the time!

-Social Media Exclusives. Like Us and Follow Us because flash sales are a beautiful thing, and you never know what’s going to be going on socially.

So you want to save money? Just do these simple, easy, self-benefitting little things and you’ll have the benefit of getting the vape gear you want at great prices, plus a little something extra in the long run! Why spend more, when you can have the best for less?