Ways E-Cigarettes Can Make You More Attractive

Admit it: we all want to look our best. In our own ways, we are all trying to beat the clock of time, doing our best to drink from the fountain of youth and maintain our youthfulness as long as possible, and hoping to live as long as possible. So what has any of this got to do with e-cigarettes? Well, a lot, actually, and in some ways you may not have even imagined!

Cigarettes are quite known to make you look older when you are a chronic user. Tobacco smoke ages the skin, adds years to the complexion, exacerbates wrinkles and fine lines, dulls the whites of the eyes, stains the teeth sometimes irreparably, and can really make you much less attractive than you should be. In addition to what it does on the outside, it really takes a heavy toll on the inside too. Smokers are known to have shorter lifespans, and what shows on the outside is a good indicator of whats going on on the inside. In less words, tobacco smoke is really bad for the body, and it shows!

So, where e-cigarettes come into play is that they are much cleaner and healthier. They do not contain any trace of smoke, tar, or any of those nasty chemicals that are wrecking your lovely appearance. You know how tobacco smoke leaves behind tar, right? The vapor from e-cigs does not. By constantly submerging your skin in smoke, you slowly assault your skin. It’s kind of like the exact opposite of doing cleansing, purifying skin treatments. When you get a facial, for instance, you rejuvenate the skin and infuse it using healthful nutrients with special formulas. When you smoke, you allow an endless amount of chemicals and toxins to accumulate there. After a while, the effects slowly become more evident. How e-cigs work is simple and clean. When you use electronic vapor cigarettes, none of this needs be a concern, because not only are there no chemicals remaining, there are no toxins. And water vapor is not something that harms the skin!

You probably already know how much cleaner e-cigs are than tobacco cigs, but did you ever imagine they are this much cleaner?