The Joys of Recreational Vaping

South Beach Smoke Recreational VapingE-Cigarettes can be a lot of fun. Think of them as like the cooler, younger, more hip cousin of traditional cigarettes. They’re healthier and just more pertinent for today’s technology-in-tuned culture. Smokers in their 20’s and smokers in their 60’s (many even much older) have embraced the freedom they get with electronic smokes. As more and more youngsters find it uncool to start smoking, more and more smokers are turning away from the tobacco habit. And while they serve a whole lot of purpose, and serve as a much healthier option, there’s another side to them: pleasure!

The ways you can have fun with e-cigarettes is pretty much limitless. They are in fact so awesome, many new users have a harder time getting used to using them everywhere, whenever they want! The beauty of using them is also pretty wonderful as well; all you need to start up is an electronic cigarette starter kit! In fact, if a typical starter kit is a little more than you are wanting to start out with, you have the option of Reusable Express Kits, and even disposables from our incredible lineup of e-cig products!

Parties, events, weddings, concerts, even just hitting a bar or restaurant can be all the more fun with an e-cig in hand. Traveling, spending time outdoors, and just hanging with friends are much nicer too when you’ve got vapor instead of smoke. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, you never will run the risk of annoying those around you with smoke. They are easy to carry round, don’t take a long time to charge, and are virtually a breeze to use when you do! Being able to use them indoors will allow you to do what you’re doing, without having to step out for a smoke. You know that annoying feeling of wanting to continue the conversation at a party, but the nagging feeling of needing a cigarette just won’t let you be? That never happens when you are vaping!