We’re All About Options

At South Beach Smoke, we are extremely proud of being an electronic cigarette company that takes immense pride in our customers and making them happy. It is, after all, what builds good relationships, right? We offer plenty of different options among all of our products because we know precisely, that not everything will work for everyone. And with so many different lifestyles among our many customers, it’s better to offer the selection, and let you all go from there. Take a look at some of our different products that are designed with YOU in mind, to have you vaping comfortably and happily with us!

E-Cigarette Disposables: Like others on the market, we offer e-cigs you can dispose of after using. Similar to traditional cigarettes, only all the hallmarks of electronics. They are perfect for traveling and those times when you need the simplest method possible. They are one-piece units, they come pre-filled, and you can take them anywhere. Also a great choice for beginners to experience the world of e-cigs.

Reusable Express Kits: These are our simplest starter kits. They contain the absolute basic things needed to start using e-cigarettes. One standard battery, on USB charger, and one cartridge. And the price is pretty alluring too, only $29.99, so for those who just want to try them and not drop a lot of money they are ideal.

E-Cigarette Starter kits: Our starter kits have become pretty famous. There are four different kits, including our Express kits, to choose from. Simple or packed to the brim with accessories, the choice is yours.

E-Cig Accessories: We offer so many different accessories that will keep you electronic smoking exciting and perfectly in line with your day to day life. 2 different battery sizes, 4 different chargers, cases, the lanyard… we have got it all!

Our electronic cigarettes are designed to bring you maximum pleasure, with minimal effort. We want you to go smokeless and enjoy it! See all the different options we offer? Just imagine how creative and how versatile it can get, while fitting perfectly into your life!